• By Bryan Archer (CTO)
Bryan Archer (CTO)

Just a few weeks ago, we proudly announced the opening of our new London office space. The new offices help to provide more visibility for 3chillies, as well as providing a more convenient range of meeting locations for our clients who are spread across the country.

In a constant effort to provide a better and more convenient service for our clients, we’re now thrilled to announce the opening of our new Cardiff offices.
new 3chillies office cardiff

 new 3chillies office cardiff

We continue to grow at a healthy organic rate, and whilst we’ve got the M4 corridor locked down with brick and mortar, we shall also continue to expand our international operations which span as far as the United States of America.


If you’re located in Cardiff or the surrounding areas, and you’d like to discuss a business requirement, please feel free to book a meeting directly with Paul Thomas (Director of Sales):   
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