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3 Badsite Bugs.

(...check your Sitecore NOW!)

A full Sitecore Audit will check your website at code-level, highlighting the bad code before things get ugly. You’ll need the Sitecore Super Heroes for a full audit, but here are a few BADSITE BUGS you can check for yourself… 

Helping Hackers

Sitecore Login Hack

When hackers go prospecting, they make a list of potential victims by rapidly skimming through millions of sites in search of high-level information that could help them. The version of Sitecore you’re running could be one such piece of information, so make sure it's not too easy to find…

To check for this bug: 

1. Make sure you’re logged out of your Sitecore system (...or just use your smartphone)
2. Type the following URL into your browser (replacing the bold section): ""
3. Ideally, the system should deny access to that page. If it doesn’t, it’ll look something like the picture above. 

Did the system deny access? 

Great! You’re safe to check for BUG 2
Take Action! Strictly speaking, this file shouldn't be accessible to the outside world. If a hacker finds a vulnerability within that particular version of Sitecore, they won’t bother knocking before entering. Fix the issue and consider organising a full Sitecore Audit to identify other potential security issues. 

Poor Mobile Performance 

Mobile Friendly Sitecore Website

Poor mobile performance doesn't just affect the customer experience, it'll hurt your search engine rankings too. Being considered mobile friendly is about providing a responsive design with good website speeds.

Let's see what google think of your website: 

1. Head over to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool
2. Type your domain name into the field and press enter to run the test.

Happy with your result? 


Great! Please proceed to BUG 3. 


Consider taking action. If you haven't got a mobile friendly website, you'll suffer from poor google rankings. A full audit could be beneficial to help identify the root of the problem.


Allow Robots

Allow robots

In this context, when we talk about “robots”, we’re referring to the friendly robots sent out by search engines like Google and Bing. While your website is being developed you probably won't want to allow robots to index it, but when you go live you'll need to let them in.

Let's check if robots have access to your site:

1. Type “” into your internet browser. 
2. If you see the following, Google and Bing won't be indexing your site:

Does your site allow robots?


Great! It look's like your site has passed these three it's time to get the Sitecore Superheroes in for a full Technical Audit!


Consider taking action. If your website is customer facing and you would like Google to index your site, you must allow robots. Consider taking a full Audit to check for other issues affecting your website. 

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