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Hello, we're 3chillies 

We’re based in the UK, and we've developed over 80 large CMS-driven websites. Our client list includes a
number of leading international Law Firms and our experience has taught us a thing or two about building world-class
websites for the Legal Sector. Now we'd like to offer our expertise to you!

We build world-class websites for Law Firms...

Our Legal Sector Case Studies are remarkable. They've won awards, and they've helped
our clients win more business. Here are some examples of our work:

1,500+ employees
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...and we've learnt a thing or two along the way.

Here are just a few shared requirements amongst modern Law Firms.

Consolidate Your Content

Keep content in one centralised place (e.g. lawyer blogs, practise area blogs) and consider the idea of automating the production of relevant pitch material.

It's All About The People

A strong people search is crucial! Be sure to show supporting biographies, experience, matters and geographic coverage.

Beautiful Professional Design

Appearance matters. Do clients look at your website and think to themselves?... “This is the firm I want to represent me!"

Make Marketers Lives Easier

Keep the editorial process quick and flexible, with the ability to add and remove specific content quickly! (e.g. Lawyer Profiles)

Make content work harder

Link content together with good taxonomy, relating to region, sector / practice area and legal professional/team.

Give a great search experience

Typeahead technology in combination with powerful search algorithms to help streamline access to the right content. 


Go Fully Responsive

Make content readable across all devices, and ensure that your website conforms to Google's Mobile Friendly requirements.

Integrate with Social Media

Link the Firm's social media accounts for use as a broadcasting tool and for use as the site registration / login functionality.

Keep Data Compliant

Think about GDPR & privacy requirements. How do you store data? Does your website conform to the new standards? 

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Practice areas should reflect the full spread of expertise. Each area should be easy to access, and open to search engine indexing.

Integrated Micro-sites

Spin up an integrated micro-sites for hot topics without the risk of content dilution from other practice areas. Topics such as: Partner Retreats, BREXIT, Trump etc.


Content Approval Workflow

With workflow enabled, content creators formulate the content, and nothing goes live without the managers approval.


Our Partners and T
echnologies are second to none...

...and our experience allows us to overcome the challenges that often get overlooked.


  • - GDPR and localised privacy and data protection.
  • - Devolved permissions i.e. Content approval workflows.
  • - A robust hand-over process to localisation vendors.
  • - Optimise experience for the user, based on their location.
  • - Different requirements for content and structure by region.
  • - Ease of integration with 3rd party systems.
  • - Enforcing the brand without restrictions on content.
  • - Multi-Language support.
  • - Marketing automation.


We think the results speak for themselves...

60% More Site Users

Bird & Bird reported a 60% rise in the number of users soon after launching their new website.

Enhanced Responsive Design

 Covington now receives 800k sessions per year. Almost 20% of the traffic comes from mobile devices!

Enquires have doubled

Two Birds saw the number of requests for new business double after their new site went live.


Here's how it works...


We'll analyse your current platform, assess your system documentation and review your recent support history. At the end of the Audit, you'll receive a digestible report that details our findings, along with costed recommendations for fixes and optimisations.


Following the Audit, we will make any fixes and modifications that your platform requires. Depending on the condition of your current platform, options may include: A full site rebuild, migration to a new platform, or the on-boarding of your existing platform.


Following the Adapt Phase, we'll on-board your website and begin to create a knowledge-base that can be used for effective ongoing support your platform. In order to help you, we might also install and configure additional monitoring systems during this phase too. 


Moving forward, our support team are available to help you maintain your newly upgraded system. Our range of support packages can be tailored to your organisation's needs, giving you the peace of mind that your organisation is always within reaching distance of expert support.

"We are now receiving double the number of requests for business
per month via the website."

Keith Hardie, Head of Marketing Communications

Bird & Bird


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