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Get the Sitecore Superhero
Seal of Approval

Our Audits are designed to identify the demons deep within your Sitecore system,
giving you the chance to take corrective action against the underperforming code,
before things get out of hand. 

If you’ve never had your Sitecore website externally Audited, it's time to call the Sitecore Super Heroes.
Organise an Audit today and get the Seal of Approval, from 3chillies. 

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Guardian, otherwise known as “Lord of the underground”, was born to patrol Sitecore’s underlying architecture and its hosting environment. Guardian’s report provides insight on:

  • Recommend Updates
  • Licensing concerns
  • Sitecore module integration (ECM, WFFM etc.)
  • Unofficial module integration
  • Hosting configuration
  • Error logs
  • ...and more

 The Professor.

The Professor has a keen eye for detail. She systematically wades through the code, checking for best practice, clean markup, and Search Engine Optimisation issues. Her report details:

  • URL structure cleanliness
  • Correct use of markup (HTML5 and semantics)
  • Content duplication – URL scheme.
  • Site accessibility
  • Document outline hierarchy
  • Excessive code complexity
  • Design attractiveness and compatibility
  • Stylesheets for print
  • Custom error pages
  • ...and more


Heatwave is an ally of the Google Bots. If your site is running like a dog he'll get to the bottom of it, and if it's not mobile friendly he'll supply a remedial plan. His report provides insight on:

  • Site speed
  • Load Testing
  • Minification opportunities
  • Caching improvements
  • Mobile friendly devices
  • Browser compatibility and site rendering
  • Bottlenecks
  • Quick wins
  • Image optimisations
  • Placement of scripting
  • ...and more 

 Major Rock.

Major Rock is the world’s no.1 Sitecore security soldier. He runs a tight ship, ensuring that sites are free from vulnerabilities and security threats. His reports contain information on:

  • User permissions
  • Broken links report
  • Hack prevention
  • Sitemap cleanliness
  • Customer login security
  • Sitecore validation errors
  • IIS configuration
  • ...and more


It all starts with the Audit. This is where we dive in and analyse your Sitecore platform at both code & customer level. We’ll also review your system documentation and examine your recent support history/performance issues. At the end of the Audit, you'll receive a digestible report which details our findings, along with costed recommendations for fixes and optimisations



 This is where we turn those recommendations into reality.  After you’ve decided on the best course of action, we’ll make the modifications your Sitecore platform needs to give it Superhero status.



 If you feel safe in the hands of the Sitecore Superheroes and you wish to continue the journey with us, we’ll onboard your website and begin to create a knowledge-base so that we can effectively support your platform. To help us help you, we might also install and configure additional monitoring systems during this phase. 



 Maintain your awesomeness with our remarkable support team. Our range of support packages can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, giving you peace of mind that you're operating an efficient platform. 


All work is performed under a strict non-disclosure agreement

Organise an initial telephone /face to face kick-off meeting.

3chillies will perform the Audit. Audits may take place on-site or remotely.

Receive the Audit report and consider making the necessary fixes.

Awesome Sitecore Audits!

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