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Microsoft's flagship product, SharePoint is an enterprise-class platform that can be used to create complex, high-performing websites that integrate with a multitude of business systems. Traditionally used for intranet, collaboration and document management sites, it also brings some outstanding and sophisticated features to website design, build and web content management.


If you are purely looking for a website content management platform SharePoint might not necessarily spring to mind - but there are many reasons why it should. If you want integrated document management, enterprise content management and sophisticated collaboration benefits then it is an incredibly powerful tool.


Of course, if you are already using SharePoint for your intranet, or have a licence included in your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement then a SharePoint website might make complete sense.

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SharePoint the best intranet & collaboration manager

SharePoint is undoubtedly the best intranet and collaboration manager available to companies of all sizes. But it has so many features that if it isn’t implemented correctly you can end up fighting it.
Your site is personal to your business. It delivers information on your products and services internally and it also projects your company character and ethos – key reasons why your staff and partners work with you. Your CMS must be welcoming, easy and friendly to use and present itself as part of your company infrastructure. SharePoint is infinitely customisable to your users and your company. Here are just a few of the things you’ll love about SharePoint CMS:


No problem. SharePoint, can be tailored to match your company colours, on-screen layout and of course include your logo.


Where are MY features?

Your site content is specific to you. If you create Podcasts and Videos, the functions to insert these into pages quickly and easily can be added to the familiar Windows ribbon menu interface. No time wasted searching high and low – everything is at your fingertips ready to share with your audience.


Page layouts.

All sites work on page layout templates, but these need to enhance your creativity, not inhibit it. SharePoint’s flexible template approach ensures that you can quickly create pages on-the-fly that match how you want them and need them to appear.


Find it fast!

SharePoint excels in collaboration, sharing information effortlessly, so locating information resources that you want to include on your site is just as crucial. Using powerful indexing, you can quickly add content to pages. And these search facilities are extended and made available to your site visitors and company collaborators. Make sure they can find information quickly, keeping visitors on your site, reading about your solutions and collaborating effectively.


Browser freedom.

SharePoint can be managed by using any of the leading browser solutions across a wide choice of platforms. As you’d imagine Microsoft promote Internet Explorer but if you are used to Chrome, Safari or FireFox then Microsoft have made sure that SharePoint is equally at home in these browsers running on desktops, laptops and tablets.


I don’t want to see that.

With such a feature rich system, presenting too many SharePoint features to site managers can lead to confusion. SharePoint can be tailored to present each user with only the features that they need in their role.
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