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Mobile App Features


3chillies are expert app developers. We’ve built apps for big businesses such as “Game” and “Microsoft”, so you're in good hands.

We help organisations to plan, refine, develop, implement, and manage their business app. We build highly intelligent solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows Devices.

A high performing mobile app can improve workflow and further utilise your existing infrastructure. This is achieved through configuring the App to integrate with your existing websites, databases and other back-end systems such as SAP, Oracle, and IBM. Your App might also link to an existing CRM system such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, extracting and relaying information as the user interacts with your app.


We realise that every business has a unique set of requirements for their App, whether you require a dynamic solution, or a simplistic "convenience" app for your customers. Having said that, we have taken time to list some of the most popular app features and functionality available to our customers. If you can't find what you’re looking for here, please get in touch. Our Apps are custom coded, so the possibilities are endless.

CRM systems integration website
Integrate your app with your customer relationship management software.
Systems Integration
Pull information through from your website or other existing database systems.
Link your company website to your app. Update your information once, and have it feed through to your app automatically.
sharing Ecommerce
Allow your customers to spread the word about your business. In just a few taps they can share via SMS, email, or on their preferred social network. 
Built in Ecommerce features allow customers to place orders, create shopping carts, and pay for services directly from within the App.
Tap on the telephone number or email address within the App for an instant connection.

music Forms video
Increase your revenue streams by giving customers the ability to listen and purchase music within your App.
Increase engagement and gather important business data through custom email forms.
Fill your app with rich content through video sharing and YouTube integration.
Calendar photos reservations
Post company events directly into your customer’s calendar.
Take pictures from within the app and upload them directly to your business database.
Giving the customer the option to make reservations directly from your App can increase repeat customers.
qr codes push notifications social
QR codes
Create and scan QR codes to increase customer conversion rates.
Push Notifications
Send notifications directly to your customers over your App, lowering the cost of communication, and keeping customer up to date.
Link you preferred social networks to keep your customer informed.

maps Emails podcast
Use maps to provide your contact details, or as part of a more complex directory solution.

Gather the contacts collected by your app and feed them into your email campaign management system.
Share a podcast with users on the go.

Accelerometer GPS NFC
Integrate useful tools which make use of on on-board accelerometer.

Direct customers straight to their desired location through use of GPS integration. 
Make contactless payments and share information between devices with NFC.
Create indoor navigation guides and send out marketing campaigns whilst the customer is in store.

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