We build award winning websites. We build high performing websites. We build marketing platforms. We build experiences.

For over 10 years we've had a passionate drive to build the best websites for our client base and their users. In that time, websites have become so much more than online brochures.

Digital platforms are reshaping industries, transforming businesses and more importantly, altering user behaviour. For example. users now expect to begin and finish their online journey across totally separate devices.

Selecting the right CMS is essential to creating a flexible, scalable and sustainable platform for your new web presence/intranet/extranet. Of particular importance is the need to establish a platform for future growth and integration, ensuring that you are able to continue developing and enhancing the site in response to audience needs and organisation changes without breaking the bank.

We are technology agnostic, and choose a CMS that best suits the client’s needs rather than forcing a set CMS solution into the organisation. With a strong background in .NET development, we prefer to work with the best of breed .NET content management technologies available.We work with both open source and enterprise products, though predominantly with a .NET approach for development. This allows us to focus all our development efforts on a single code-base.  

We remain impressed by the benefits offered by the two Content Management Systems, Sitecore & Umbraco. We enjoy developing with these systems due to their robustness, reliability, user experience, scalability and leading marketing automation features.  Here at 3chillies we have worked with the both these platforms for over many years and have a dedicated highly skilled internal team, who's knowledge and experience with the platform is well respected within the industry. Our developers are highly skilled in all features of the platforms so not only can they make full use of the suite of configurable tools that they offer, they can just as easily build brilliant custom solutions to match the needs of every individual site and client.

Alongside the strategy, our technical architects will work with your team to look at the technology implications of the chosen CMS. We will review your existing systems for both website delivery and any internal systems that you may need to integrate with e.g. CRM, databases, fulfilment for ecommerce, ERP etc.  Considerations such as integration methods, hosting architecture and traffic analysis and existing analytics will all be assessed to help gather an understanding of the full implications of your new website.

For your customer, your brand is the sum total of every experience with your company. We can help you deliver the best website experience. If would like to learn more about the benefits of using these technologies, or want to find out more about our credentials as an agency then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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