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  • By Bryan Archer (CTO)
Bryan Archer (CTO)

The much anticipated Sitecore 8 has now been released. Until now, marketers have used multiple disconnected tools fully execute their marketing strategy. Sitecore 8 brings these tools together under one roof, providing an environment that enables marketers to create, deliver, test, personalise and optimise the digital experience for their customers.

The announcement of the new release follows yet another strong year of successful growth for Sitecore, the global leader in Customer Experience Management. In October 2014, the platform was defined as the best web content management system for the fifth consecutive year by technology research giant, Gartner.


As a Sitecore Partner, we've had the pleasure of working with Sitecore 8 for a few months, and we are very pleased that it is now available for our clients to use.

The upgraded experience platform learns about each customer on an individual level, and uses this data for segmentation and real time website personalisation and marketing automation.

Improved Analytics, combined with Insights provide more relevant data than Google can, like individual customer interaction and the engagement value of individual customers.

A/B testing has been taken to the next level, with the ability to automatically test each piece of content as it’s added.

It’s simple to segment your market based on parameters collected in the customer experience profile such as click paths, interaction behaviour, and demographic data, then define a set of rules which lead to automated personalisation, email communication and other lead nurturing activities.

The new interface provides a fresh, clean, and even more intuitive layout for the Sitecore user, making it easier and quicker to understand for those that are new to the system.


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Sitecore 8 is now publicly available. As a Sitecore Gold partner, 3chillies offer a range of specialist services for upgrading to Sitecore 8 , or migrating to the Sitecore Platform from your existing systems. We also offer a complete Sitecore Support service for businesses that require a more advanced Sitecore support partner.

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