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  • By 3chillies
If you enjoy supporting your national team whenever they're on the pitch, you’ll probably know that the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament has begun!

To bring a little bit of competitive spirit to the office, we thought it would be a good idea to run a company sweepstake. The rules were simple: Stick a fiver in, pull a team name out of the hat, and the person with the winning team wins the pot. There was one fundamental problem - developers don’t care about football.

With 24 teams in the competition, but only 5 employees wanting to join the pool, the winner’s prize would be a measly £25. So that got us thinking… “How can you make a developer care about football?”

The answer was simple – offer them the chance to win a PS4!

After hearing that we were planning on setting up the world's worst sweepstake, the directors at 3chillies decided to up the stakes by offering a PS4 as the winners prize. The money collected from the pool would then be donated to charity…. Win-Win!  

All of a sudden the developers started to show a new found interest in football. After a quick whip around the office, 19 people placed their fiver into the pot and the charity donation stood at £95! The 5 remaining tickets were then auctioned off, in a Storage Wars type fashion, before names and teams were drawn from the hat. 

After an intense round of bidding the spare tickets raised an additional £95 for the charity pot. The total donation came to £190, which isn't too shabby! We’ll let you know who won the prize when it comes to it, and we’ll also be deciding on which charity will receive our donation.   
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