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Corporate Day:Paintballing

  • By Luke Stephenson
Luke Stephenson

T’was a misty morning on Friday 22nd September, when the team at 3chillies ventured into the woods, armed to the nines with paintballs, paint bombs, smoke grenades and for many of us, the M16 gun upgrade (purely for the improved accuracy that it offered, NOT because we have a deep underlying desire to look and feel cool).  

Paintballing team shot

The war was a brutal one, Blue vs Red, and it didn’t take long for the shooters to realise that their XP in Call of Duty counted for nothing.

An hour’s ceasefire scheduled at noon allowed sufficient time for each player to gobble down a Margherita pizza before heading back out to the fields for another peppering of enjoyable pain.

The day ended with red’s clinching the win and despite not all being on the winning team, the day out was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

Many congratulations to the Top Gun award winners: Andy B (face status: proud) and Jess (face status: unknown).

Paintballing andy

paintballing Jess

We’ll finish with a big thank you to everyone at 3chillies for your continued hard work and commitment:


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