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  • By 3chillies

GAME Reward App wins the Wirehive100 Best Mobile Project Award

Best Mobile Project Thursday 13th October, 2016 was an exciting day at 3chillies. The Wirehive100 awards were taking place that evening, and we were hopeful that our work would walk away with a medal under the Best Mobile Project category!

Wirehive100 Tickets and coffee

Months earlier, we had submitted the work we did for GAME as our flagship mobile creation. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read up on the GAME Reward app, it’s a Continuum compatible app, built on the Universal Windows Platform. It has a responsive, tile based design and the backend functionality boasts an impressive cocktail of advanced technologies, including augmented reality, barcode scanning, GPS integration, and social login with account integration! 

We attended the Black tie event with 2 of our key contacts from GAME, and a colleague from Bit10, the design partner responsible for the visual design of the GAME REWARD app. The ceremony took place at Mercedes-Benz World, a state-of-the-art venue on the site of the historic Brooklands circuit, the oldest race track in the world! 

Wirehive100 lights

Mercedes World

 After dinner it was time for the awards, and we’re very proud to announce that the GAME Reward App won the Wirehive100 Best Mobile Project award!


“We’re really happy that the GAME Reward App has received recognition as the Best Mobile Project of the year. It’s not just a win for 3chillies and for GAME, but also for Windows 10 which is currently a widely used, yet under-served platform!...Wirehive put on a fantastic event tonight, and we look forward to attending next year.” Paul Thomas – Director of Sales 

Wirehive Award

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