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Tactic 5 Personalise your CTAs

  • By Bryan Archer (CTO)
Bryan Archer (CTO)

Most websites offer the same CTAs to every single customer. “Sign up for our newsletter”, “Download this simple guide”, or “Get your hands on this awesome deal”.

These CTAs take a one-size-fits-all approach, and most of the time that’s perfectly acceptable! But what if there were a specific type of customer that you wanted to lead down a slightly different path?

Consider a customer who has already signed up to your newsletter. Whilst it may not sounds like a big deal, that’s a big show of commitment towards your company. After all, most people are trying to minimise the amount of mail they receive, not increase it. So for that type of visitor, the “loyal, high value” prospects, you might want to ask them to perform a slightly more intimate action, such as signing up for a product demo, registering for a company loyalty card, or asking them to take advantage of an exclusive membership offer. 

So the idea is simple… We need to add a layer of personalisation over the CTA components which states: “if a customer has already converted on one particular CTA, deliver a different CTA.”

Setting this up in Sitecore:

Setting this up in Sitecore is simple, and should take less than 30 minutes to achieve. 

1. Create digital conversion goals. 

2. Trigger the digital goals with either Form Submit or a conversion “thank you” page.

As it happens, our last blog post covers the topic of setting up goals in Sitecore. You can also watch the video tutorial we made on Goals, below:

3. Enable personalization based on the triggered goal.


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