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Foosball Handbook

  • By 3chillies
Life is good at 3chillies. We work hard, but every now and then we like to play hard too.

The foosball table has become an important part of office life at 3chillies. In a way, I suppose it’s our watercooler area… but make no mistake, the foosball table is no place for dilly-dallying. The competition is intense!

We absolutely love the game. In fact we love it so much that each signature move has been assigned a nickname! So if you don’t know your bamboozler from your bobbler, why not take a moment to read up on this amusing, but deadly serious, handbook.                                                                         

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Move:   The Squirter      

Description:  The Squirter is an ancient technique that many had thought extinct, until David made his way to the table. Reviving this long forgotten move, David developed a game style built almost solely around the use of this move. A Squirter is executed by catching the ball on the edge of a player’s feet, with the player then pressing down on the edge of the ball, thus creating a classic squirt. Although many debate the effectiveness of the Squirter, it remains a fan favourite due to its rareness and unpredictability.               

Move:   The Stub  (Other Names:   The Stubbaage)

Description:  The Stubbaage is an underutilised move which can throw off many organised defences. To successfully pull off the stub, a player must hit the ball when it is further back than normal in relation to the player’s feet, thus creating a stub on impact effect which causes the ball to travel at a slower than expected speed. A word of warning though, a Stubbaage is a risky move, and if timed poorly, can lead to the very unwanted wrist-breaker scenario, which is sadly one of the many dangerous possibilities that can occur on the foosball field.           

Move:  The Noah’s Ark (Other Names:   The Ark)             

Description:   The Noah’s Ark is a true test of a player’s belief, and is an indicator of whether or not they have been praying to the Foosball Gods. The Ark is a phenomenon that occurs when the ball rolls down the line between two sets of opposing players, and is out of reach for both. It then calls to the Gods to make a choice, before slowly changing its path to give itself to the more deserving player. They say the joy of winning the Ark is a feeling that lasts with you for a long time. 

Move:  The Shot-Save                                                      

Description:   A big and brash move made famous by Liam Hicks, the Shot- Save is a move used by the keepers of old, when men were made of sterner stuff. A Shot-Save is what it sounds like, a save made not with a block, but with a return shot made at the right time. Very risky, very cool. What makes this even more remarkable is that it is the only save Liam performs.                      

Many thanks to Luke Jones who spent his free time putting this handbook together. That’s true dedication...may the foos-gods be with you.
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