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Gold Partners

Microsoft is deeply rooted in our company DNA. Our Gold Partnership status, which is attained through the passing of Microsoft exams, illustrates our ability to deliver excellent Microsoft-based solutions.

We use Microsoft technologies throughout the development process, from the language we code in, to the platform we host with.

We hold a diverse Microsoft skillset at 3chillies, and specialise in the following technologies:

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, scale and manage applications such as high performing websites and Mobile Apps across a global network of Microsoft datacentres.

Read more about our azure services


Our in-house .NET development team develops high quality, practical solutions that quickly solve business challenges, from CMS driven websites to bespoke business software appliactions.


Microsoft's flagship product, SharePoint is an enterprise-class platform that can be used to create complex, high-performing websites that integrate with a multitude of business systems. Traditionally used for intranet, collaboration and document management sites, it also brings some outstanding and sophisticated features to website design, build and web content management.


We’re Sitecore Gold Partners. Sitecore is the world's most powerful Customer Experience Management Platform. The software offers state of the art marketing functionality such as Automated Marketing, Multivariate Testing, Website Personalisation, and much more. Although not owned by Microsoft, the technology is based on the Microsoft Framework.


We’re Umbraco Gold Partners. Umbraco is an open source content management system based on the .NET-based framework. The popular CMS delivers high performing websites for many large organisations across the world.


We use Xamarin to build native cross-platform apps which share from the same code-base, reducing development time and improving quality control.

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