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Atom Replace Content Subscription Tool

When the Atom Content Marketing document management system threatened to compromise customer access to valuable subscriber content, it sought a robust and stable replacement that would ensure a secure customer environment and could be implemented without disruption to services.

Atom Content Marketing is a specialist provider of content-based solutions that help businesses and business-support organisations to acquire, retain and develop customers in the small and medium enterprises (SME) market. 

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Failing DMS threatens security and stability

Atom Content Marketing's document management system (DMS) is critical for providing subscriber content, so when the system began failing, the firm moved swiftly to find a stable alternative.

The existing system was old-fashioned and unwieldy, and had been manipulated somewhat to do a job. “It was a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster really,” explains Anthony Mullinder, business development manager at Atom Content Marketing. “There were instances where it was crashing and we also experienced some SQL virus injections which caused the system to collapse. Having to repair the system made it clear that it wasn’t as stable and secure as we had previously envisaged.”

Atom Content Marketing called in 3chillies, having worked with the firm previously on a diagnostic tool for the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). “We wrote and structured content for the IPO, while 3chillies provided all the technical requirements,” recalls Mullinder. “They have a talented and passionate team and are a pleasure to work with, so when we had problems of our own it was an easy decision to work with them again.”

Detailed scoping delivers the perfect solution

The brief was to provide resources to Atom Content Marketing’s clients, via XML (extensible markup language - a set of rules for encoding documents in machine-readable form), with the ability to categorise content so that it could be easily dropped into different sections of the clients’ websites. 3chillies spent considerable time with Atom Content Marketing to understand the issues and fully scope the project, and recommended a Sitecore Content Management System (CMS).
Sitecore provides a robust and secure platform - important criteria for Atom Content Marketing’s client base - and easy content creation, which was a high priority for continual website updates.
Configuring the system was quite complex, according to Mullinder, because Atom Content Marketing had very specific requirements for the content structures in each XML feed. “It took a lot of spec’ing and scoping work, but 3chillies devised an implementation plan which neatly matched our objectives. When they demonstrated the system to us it was exactly what we were aiming for, so it was well worth the effort.”
Once the development stage was completed, the next crucial step was migrating all the content from the DMS to the new system, which had to be achieved without disruption to clients. With a risk that the XML platform might be affected, Atom Content Marketing announced that a system upgrade was taking place, in case anyone experienced any problems. “In the end it was a seamless transition,” says Mullinder. “It was business as usual for customers and it’s an important measure of success that there were no incidents for them or for us either.”

Intuitive CMS for staff and customers

With the content transfer completed, 3chillies began training Atom Content Marketing staff on how to upload new information and add XML feeds, as well as the day-to-day running of the system.
“Sitecore is an immeasurable improvement on what we had,” asserts Mullinder. “It’s very clean and easy to use and we haven’t experienced any problems at all. Part of the brief was for it to be intuitive, to make people’s lives easier, and it really is much simpler than the old system. Any new customer we’ve set up, using Sitecore to receive content via XML, has been very favourable about the service.”
Atom Content Marketing has found Sitecore to be more streamlined and smooth running, and since its installation there have been no further incidents of crashing or viruses. “It’s stable and secure and if we do ever experience any uncertainty, for example if the XML feed appears to be temperamental, we can pick up the phone to 3chillies and they resolve it right away,” says Mullinder.

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