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RM Education is a British company who specialise in the supply of Information Technology products and services to educational establishments. In addition to its UK headquarters, the 2000-employee organisation also has a presence in the United States, where it sells educational software, and India, where it’s software development team is located.



RM Education required a new, responsive website to replace their bespoke CMS. Their existing system, which was hosted in-house, had served the company for 15 years, but it no longer met the organisation’s modern business requirements. They required a user-friendly system that could be controlled by the marketing team without the need for technical assistance. The ideal solution would integrate well with an array of 3rd party systems, and it would be hosted in the cloud to remove the large costs and inefficiencies associated with on-premise hosting. 

Migrating to the cloud provides numerous benefits...

  • Remove the need to run or maintain the large in-house hosting infrastructure.
  • Provide access to unlimited scalable resources with highly cost efficient storage space.
  • Eliminate the fear of data loss, and remove the requirement to take manual backups.
  • No large fixed costs to move to the new system.
  • The in-house development team could innovate and redevelop faster.

Sitecore fitted the bill perfectly...

  • Full control over the website with a powerful user friendly interface.
  • A malleable platform with integration points for 3rd party system.
  • Advanced marketing functionality such as Personalisation and A/B Testing.


The project team consisted of 3 Sitecore Certified Professional Developers, a Front-End Developer, a Project Manager, and a QA tester.

Wireframes were received from RM’s in-house design team which were transposed into a beautiful responsive front-end design, and the back-end was built over the space of 5 months, on the most current version of Sitecore.


The new RM website is visually stimulating, user-friendly, and ready for growth. Migrating to the cloud means that RM now benefit from a reliable, cost-efficient and secure hosting environment.

The bootstrap layout with data-sourced controls gives the marketing team the ability to create an unlimited number of variable page layouts without the need for additional coding. The ability to drop in pictures, text, videos, tabular widgets and carousels with ease ultimately makes it easy to create visually stunning pages in a cost efficient way.

The granularity of flexibility over these components is extensive, with the ability to edit the colours, links, text sizes, font weights, and alignment of each data-sourced item.

“We’re excited to see what RM Education will achieve with personalisation - it could result in substantial conversion rates, and RM are in a great position to take advantage of that. If they could find out the IP range for each education facility in the UK, they’d be able to set up a personalised journey for each establishment without the need for a login screen.”

Bryan Archer - CTO, 3chillies
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