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Xbox marketing assets

Over the years, we've helped Xbox build a number of systems that support marketing campaigns for big household brands such as Forza and Gears of War, and for key seasonal events such as E3, Halloween and more

Gamerscore campaign

In 2013, the Xbox One entered retail stores and Xbox began their marketing initiatives with the aim of migrating their existing 360 users over to the new console.  


One promotion branded the “Gamerscore Campaign”, incentivised users to upgrade their consoles by offering discounts and bonus content based on the user’s Gamerscore, which is a point system based on gaming activity  i.e. The more you play, the more points you earn. For this campaign, Xbox wanted to offer a 3-tiered discount scheme, where the Gamerscore determined the eligibility for each band (the larger the Gamerscore, the greater the reward). 

Xbox One Controller

After mapping out the intricacies of the campaign, Xbox approached 3chillies with the requirement of building a digital system to support it. They needed an online platform which would:

  • Integrate with their existing systems and databases.
  • Identify the user’s Gamerscore.
  • Automatically email the applicable discount code.

For the hardcore fans who’d already made the switch to Xbox One, the code could either be gifted to a friend who was still on the Xbox 360, or used to claim free software, such as a game or additional downloadable content. 

After building the system, Xbox ran highly successful campaigns in Germany, France and a number of subsidiary markets.  

Prize Promotion campaigns


In 2014, the Marketing Department at Xbox came up with a new type of campaign that required an online system to support it. 

One campaign, which aimed to promote the Call of Duty game "Ghosts Devastation”, would have customers purchasing console controllers that had been packaged in campaign-specific sleeves, and each sleeve would feature a unique code printed along the inside edge. 

COD Ghosts

The idea was simple: Customers would head over to and upon entering the code (and uploading a copy of the controller receipt to prove true ownership of the code), the system would automatically issue a downloadable content code that could be used to download additional game content. In this case, customers were given a code to download the Call of Duty Ghosts “Devastation” content on Xbox 360. 

COD Ghosts Devastation

We started by building a solution in Azure that could host the databases which would store the valid lists of sleeve codes and their corresponding download codes. After that, 3chillies built a bespoke customer-facing landing page on which hooked into the database, and allowed users to enter their code and securely upload files (for the receipts). 

We've thoroughly enjoyed working on these projects, and we look forward to working with Xbox on their future requirements!

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