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  • By Bryan Archer (CTO)
Bryan Archer (CTO)
One of the most interesting features of Sitecore is the Personalisation tool. But with such a big website to look after, you might struggle to see where to focus your efforts first. 3chillies recommend that you start with your homepage, and target repeat visitors.

Repeat visitors will typically bypass search engines, typing your website’s domain name directly into their browser. In such an event, the visitor will almost certainly land on the homepage of your website, and since that visitor has interacted with your site before, Sitecore should already know quite a lot about them, so your personalisation efforts could prove to be very effective here.


Personalise an area of your homepage to target repeat customers.

Professional Research (using eye-tracking technology) has taught us that a typical website visitor will scan their eyes across the top of any typical page, then down the side of the page, before eventually focusing their attention on the main body of content, so give your personalised components a chance to be seen by utilising these areas more effectively. At the very least, ensure that your personalised components are located "above the fold" so that the user isn't required to scroll to see it.

If you sell physical goods… try personalising the content based on the pages that a user has previously visited…you already know what they want, so help them out by providing a direct link to it! Better still, if the customer has previously bought an item from your website, show them a banner with related up-sells or cross-sells.

If you run a service business… you’ll likely have an identifiable list of sub-services that you offer. Based on the visitor’s previous browsing history, try serving a banner which directly links to the part of the site you know they are interested in. The less steps a user has to take to find what they are looking for, the more likely it is that they’ll get in touch. You might even take it a step further by offering a personalised “time-pressured” discount voucher for a particular service.
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