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This time 6 months ago I was handing in my university dissertation, titled “Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Service Management for Mars IS”, wondering how I might implement my learnings in a full time career. A few short months later, I found myself with the fitting position of Support Co-ordinator at 3chillies!

After joining, it quickly became apparent that 3chillies operated a strong support system. I suppose that much was already obvious from their impressive client base, but the transition towards issuing a fully managed service proposition was in its evolutionary stages. It was part of my role to push ahead with this development.

After analysing the market for ITSM tools and making recommendations to the directors based on our findings, we are now using Samanage, a unified service desk and asset management cloud solution. The move to this helpdesk system facilitates the measurement of SLAs which are now in place to ensure that we offer a measured level of service.

Since the transition to Samanage, our incident count has been reduced by approximately 55%. Resource spend has also been reduced significantly due to the new managed solutions database, which grows with the retained knowledge that is being captured every day. The new solution has improved all aspects of support, from enhanced customer experience to heightened team productivity levels, and the migration has resulted in excellent feedback from both internal and external stakeholders.

It didn’t take long to make these changes, in fact, we’d implemented our plan within the space of just 3 months! To me, this was an interesting occurrence in itself. I wasn’t used to seeing change happen so rapidly, especially after my previous experience working at a multi-national corporation.

Whilst I’m still in my probation period at 3chillies, I’m trusted to work on what I believe would be beneficial to the company, which is a rewarding experience! Going forwards, I’ll be exploring new ways of improving the service we offer. It’s imperative that we continue to live and breathe customer excellence - We’ve done that really well to date, and these changes mean that we’ll be able to offer even better support moving forwards.
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