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Simplify your website cookie management

  • By 3chillies

3chillies have partnered with the cookie and online tracking consent solution experts Cookiebot, to offer a solution to make it easier for companies to live up to GDPR regulations, while also making these complex changes understandable to the end user.

Since the advent of GDPR in 2018, the world of data control and processing has been a complicated place, even on websites where little or no consumer data is gathered or recorded. If your website is serving individuals from the EU and you - or embedded third party services like Google and Facebook - are processing any kind of personal data, you need to obtain prior consent from the visitor to do this. 

Online identifiers such as IP addresses now qualify as personal data, unless anonymized!

To obtain valid consent, you need to describe the extent and purpose of your data processing in plain language to the visitor, prior to processing any personal data. This information must be available to the visitor at all times, e.g. as part of your privacy policy. You must also make available an easy way for the visitor to change or withdraw consent.

Cookie Consent

All consents must be logged as proof and all tracking of personal data, also by embedded third party services, must be documented.

Using Cookiebot, you can automate GDPR compliance for your website on the requirements regarding tracking and consent. Cookiebot enables you to monitor and document any kind of tracking on your website, display the relevant information to your website visitors and automatically obtain and log all user consents.

Cookiebot Consents

Cookiebot is used on 190,000+ Websites and manages 4 billion user consents.

Cookiebot code can be applied to any website, and its key benefits include:

  1. Automated cookie scan and declaration, to ensure site users are able to see exactly what cookies are in use. Once a month Cookiebot will perform an automated cookie audit by scanning your website for cookies (HTTP/Javascript cookies, HTML5 Local Storage, Flash Local Shared Object, Silverlight Isolated Storage, IndexedDB, ultrasound beacons, pixel tags) and generate a cookie declaration with descriptions on every cookie found on your website. The declaration is available to your website users as part of the consent dialog's details pane and as a separate cookie report.
  2. A cookie consent banner which displays clear, friendly dialog informing the user about the use of cookies and allowing them to set consent on the user’s web browser. Cookiebot remembers the user’s choice for 12 months after which the banner will automatically pop up to renew the user's consent. All user consents are automatically logged in an anonymized form and using an encrypted key. No Data Processing Agreement (GDPR) is needed. The consent log can be downloaded from the Manager and used for documentation.
  3. Bulk consent for multiple domains, so if you operate multiple websites from different domains and/or your website operates from several sub-domains, Cookiebot can ask your website visitors for a consent that covers all your domains.
  4. Support and auto-detect any language with customisation in an unlimited number of language variants in the browser-based manager. Default text templates in 43 languages are available in the Cookiebot manager.
  5. Real-time geo targeting, meaning that if you want to target the collection of consent to visitors from specific countries or regions in the world, Cookiebot can in real-time determine which country the individual user comes from, and display the consent banner only to visitors from the selected countries and regions.
  6. Reporting which provides visual statistics on the choices of your website visitors. Also, after each monthly scan, Cookiebot will compile a scan report with details on identified trackers on your website, changes since the previous scan and other details.
  7. Support of accessibility standards to accomodate users that use assistive software such as screen readers Cookiebot’s consent banner supports W3C's accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA.
  8. Encrypted security - consents are automatically collected through a secured SSL-connection and all consents are stored as strongly encrypted keys.

Let us help you ensure your website cookie messaging and management meets GDPR compliance.

3chillies are proud to partner with Cookiebot to offer this tool to simplify your website cookie management and storage options.

Call +44 (0) 1189 314196 today to get in touch to discuss adding Cookiebot to your site.

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