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Sitecore Commerce

Sitecore Commerce is a powerful framework to build a secure, enterprise level commerce solution.

It combines the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform with an advanced online retail system, offering marketers the ability to deliver a highly tailored shopping experience capable of rocketing conversion rates and driving repeat sales. 


 Connected Devices

A Single, Connected Experience

Consumers demand a single connected experience across multiple devices, whether they’re browsing from a desktop computer, or searching from their mobile device. Sitecore stores a repository of customer interaction data. It also recognises and records the IP address of each device and automatically adjusts the shopping experience, allowing the consumer to pick up from where they left off on a different device.




Offer discounts on whole orders, individual items, and shipping rates with either a percentage discount or specific discount values. 

 engagement plan


Create marketing automation flow charts with triggers for cart abandonment and product in stock notifications. 

 geo personalisation


Personalise content based on physical location, browsing history, basket content, order history and user registration attributes.  


Automate Offers and Display Relevant Content In Real Time

 customers who bought

Display relevant offers in real-time to capitalise on every customer interaction. Sitecore maintains an up-to-date profile for each unique customer, and it’s personalisation capabilities mean that related and recommended products can be offered when the customer’s engagement levels are at their highest.



Faceted Search

filtered search

Search through products and content more efficiently with the unified search structure and customisable filters which make it more efficient for your clients to find the right products, right at the moment they’re ready to buy.


Advanced SEARCH

Sitecore Commerce is compatible with the Lucene, Solr and Coveo search modules.

advanced search


Adaptable Inventory Handling

Define rules for stock-outs, pre-orders and back-orders, and integrate Sitecore Ecommerce with ERP systems.



 a b test everything

A/B test (and multivariate test) everything, including product pictures and product descriptions to find the content which maximises sales volume.


Connect the checkout process with any major payment, shipping or tax provider.

 payment processing 

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