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Associated costs

Typically, there are 6 main cost categories involved in the process of building a new Sitecore website:  

1. Sitecore License Cost

Sitecore is a licensed product (as opposed to open source) and as such, a license fee is payable. There are various levels of licenses and varying levels of discount eligibility. The fee is based on a number of determinants, including but not limited to website traffic and the number of Sitecore user accounts required. A large multinational conglomerate are likely to require far greater resources than an organisation serving a niche localised market. For this reason it is only possible to receive a ballpark figure upon answering a few simple questions about your requirements.   

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After the initial license fee has been determined, an ongoing fee of 20% [of the initial license fee] is payable to Sitecore annually.This wide ranging cost base means that it is difficult to provide detailed figures without understanding more about your specific requirements. Please contact us now if you would like to receive a detailed estimate.

Other considerations on license cost:

A single Sitecore license covers 1 Sitecore instance on one server. Each URL hosted on the Sitecore platform will require an individual Sitecore license. Depending on the type of license opted for, it may be possible to run additional microsite licenses at a discounted rate. If your business operates globally under one URL and you would like to host your website on multiple servers in multiple data centres around the world, additional licences may be required.

2. Build and Module Integration costs

Build times vary from project to project and are impossible to quote for without a detailed specification of requirements. The associated build costs are charged out at our standard day rates – please enquire for a copy of our price list. Integration costs should also be taken into consideration. The cost of integrating modules (and 3rd party systems such as CRM systems) are also usually incorporated into the build cost and charged at the standard day rate.

3. Server Hosting costs

Sitecore hosting costs can also be provided as part of a formal quote. We recommend Microsoft Azure for hosting since it offers instant scalability at affordable prices. The cost of hosting depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Website traffic - How much traffic does your website receive, from where geographically, and is it seasonal?
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) server requirements - Larger organisations often have a DR server in place as a fallback mechanism to ensure. A non-production license is required for this type of server

4. Support

Costs for training are calculated based upon the number of people that attend each training session and the number of training hours received. Contact us for a copy of our rate card.

5. Training

As a Sitecore Gold Partner, 3chillies have a dedicated in-house support team who deal with technical fixes and software upgrades. Costs for support are also based on an hourly support rate. Subscription support services are also available.

6. Upgrades

A typical Sitecore licence entitles the holder to a single instance of Sitecore. Upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore is free, but it is not as simple as clicking a button to upgrade. A small project team will be required to perform the work involved in upgrading.

Total Cost of Ownership

When considering a website platform from a cost perspective, it is important to consider the Total Cost of Ownership, rather than just the initial build costs. Research has shown that whilst Sitecore tends to hold higher build costs, the Total Cost of Ownership can often be comparable to that of a website built on an opensource platform.    As a Sitecore Gold Partner, 3chillies have the experience needed to build high performing Sitecore websites using cost efficient methodologies.

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