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DMS Consultancy

Personalisation, Marketing Automation, Engagement Scoring, and Multi-Variate testing are just some of the tools Sitecore users should be utilising to maximise conversion rates and drive revenue. 

Despite the substantial investment many organisations make in migrating to Sitecore, they fail to implement a structured marketing strategy which utilises the full potential of Sitecore’s DMS (Digital Marketing System). 

Every organisation interested in climbing the digital maturity model should plan to invest in both staff training, and the formulation/implementation of a customer experience strategy. However, without guidance, it is difficult to understand how to formulate such a plan. For this reason 3chillies offer a hands-on consultancy service to fulfill these needs.   

The following section outlines the structure of the consultancy workshops that we offer. The first three steps of this integration plan are currently free of charge, without obligation. 

4 Step DMS Integration Plan

Step 1: Inspiration – Free of charge 

  • A demonstration of Sitecore’s capabilities and the potential possibilities for your organisation.
  • Use of an ROI calculator and other digital maturity tools to outline the value of the integration plan.

Step 2: Scoping – Free of charge

  • A business workshop to understand, advise and formulate an organisational strategy, department objectives and digital goals, as well as your technology landscape, people, processes and skills.
  • A clear roadmap for implementation, from quick wins through to a three-year vision which incorporates the resources, dependencies and effort required.
  • Formulation of key measurement benchmarks.

Step 3: Proof of Concept – Free of charge

  • We take one or two high impact quick wins and build them into an environment that you can take back to the business to gain stakeholder buy-in.

Step 4: Deployment and Optimisation

  • Roll out of the formulated strategy, with clear measurement and optimisation points.
  • Following initial deployment, we will continue engagement through key milestones to ensure the strategy is executed and optimised.

If your organisation would like to take Sitecore to the next level but you don’t yet have a plan in place, get in touch now to organise the first 3 workshops with 3chillies, free of charge. 
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