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AB Testing

Traditionally, A/B testing website content has been a difficult process, requiring custom coding, constant monitoring, and time-consuming analysis. Sitecore’s built in A/B testing tools make it easy to analyse which content best resonates with the customer, giving you the opportunity to constantly improve the customer experience.


As a marketing professional, you’ll have the ability to set up an A/B test in a couple of clicks. Simply find a component within your website, drop a second block of content in to the A/B testing tool, and run the test. Sitecore will then show “content block one” 50% of the time, and “content block two” for the remaining 50% of website visits. Once the test is complete, you'll have access to an in-depth analysis of the content performance, showing which content block has led to more conversions. You then have the opportunity to choose which content to use going forward.


Sitecore also allows you to assign engagement values to specific goals, giving you a more detailed analysis of any given A/B test. This is especially useful for testing website forms. For example, a short form might return 3 times more submissions than a longer form, but if the longer form gathers customer information that is 4 times more valuable than each short form submission, it is easy to make an informed decision on which form to use going forward.


Multivariate testing uses the same technology as the A/B testing tool, but it allows the website administrator to test more than just A & B. With thousands of websites visitors passing through your site each month, the analytics stemming from an A/B/C/D/E (Multivariate) test will be enough to help you make far better informed decisions on which content works best for your business.
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