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3chillies are Sitecore Gold Partners who specialise in developing and implementing high performing websites and content management systems.

The following section provides more information on the Analytical functionality within Sitecore. After reading this section, we encourage you to learn more about the Sitecore Experience Platform, and the Sitecore Implementation services that 3chillies provide.


The vast majority of organisations use Google Analytics for an in-depth understanding of traffic demographic and visitor flow through their website. Sitecore has the ability to integrate with Google analytics, enhancing the power of your analytical information, whilst offering additional analytical tools.


Tracking specific goals within Sitecore helps identify which processes contribute most in converting prospects to paying customers. When it comes to analysing website visitor data, we no longer consider “how many?”, but “how engaged?”.“Page views” and “click through rates” are becoming less important. "Engagement values" offer marketers much more effective analytical data through assigning numerical values to specific goals and actions taken by visitors on your website. For example, A prospect may only have visited your site once, but they completed the contact form, an action which is assigned a very high numerical value. Compare this to a returning visitor that heads straight for the blog page, an action that has a relatively low engagement value attached to it. It then becomes apparent which prospects represent the lowest hanging fruit. Engagement scores give you a clear view of whether the visitor is ready to talk to sales, or is in need of further nurturing.

When a goal is reached, further marketing activities can be triggered, whether its personalising certain components, sending automated email campaigns or updating the sales team with real-time lead information.

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