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As a highly active award winning Sitecore Development Agency, 3chillies have established a deep understanding of Sitecore’s platform and its various modules. The DMS (Digital Marketing System) is one of the most important, and most sought after, components within Sitecore. 

Sitecore's DMS, formerly known as “Sitecore OMS” (Online Marketing Suite), works in tandem with the Content Management System and cannot be separated for use with any other WCMS (Web Content Management System). The DMS encapsulates a host of features which will form a central part your digital marketing strategy, including:


Manage customer engagement across Email, Mobile & TV, Web, and Social Networks with Engagement analytics and real-time personalisation.


Automatically deliver relevant, personalised marketing material to each individual website visitor based on their level of engagement. Use multivariate testing to find the content that resonates best with your customer base. Create, manage, and track your online marketing campaigns, and target specific groups with marketing material based on adaptive customer segmentation.


Integrate your Sitecore system with exiting 3rd party software providers, including email marketing systems and external analytics providers such as Google Analytics.


Monitor your customer’s engagement with detailed analytics and optimise with tools based on engagement levels.

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