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3chillies are Sitecore Gold Partners who specialise in developing and implementing high performing websites and content management systems.

The following section provides more information on the Email functionality within Sitecore. After reading this section, we encourage you to learn more about the Sitecore Experience Platform, and the Sitecore Implementation services that 3chillies provide.


Emails should only be sent to customers when you have something worth saying. Spamming customers with irrelevant emails won’t only reduce your click through and conversion rates, but it also lowers your customers’ sensitivity to the emails that do contain important and relevant content.

Email should be used as a platform to encourage customers to connect with your organisation, but with each customer at different stages of the buying lifecycle, a “one size fits all” emails no longer good enough.


Automated campaigns reduce your workload whilst increasing the number of valuable interactions with your customers. Sitecore allows you to create automated email campaigns which are triggered based on specific events, customer behaviours or profile information. Set up an automated campaign once, and reap the rewards month after month.


If your emails aren’t getting enough traction it could have a lot to do with the wording. Try A/B testing the subject line, the layout, or even the whole body of text, all within Sitecore.


With Sitecore’s Email Experience you’ll be able to gain a better understanding to the content that resonates best with your customers. The system monitors which emails have been opened, which links were clicked and which device type was used to read the email.

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