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Marketing Automation

3chillies specialise in developing and implementing high performing websites and content management systems, with a particular emphasis on the Sitecore CMS.

The following section provides more information on the Marketing Automation functionality within Sitecore. After reading this section, we encourage you to learn more about the Sitecore Experience Platform, and the Sitecore Implementation services that 3chillies provide.


Sitecore is the leading provider of marketing automation software. The platform gives you a wholly connected view of each individual customer, and the marketing automation functionality allows you to reach out to each customer, or customers segments, at exactly the right time without having to lift a finger. Just set it, and forget it.


The Marketing Automation feature is user friendly, and designed for use by non-technical administrators. Using a drag and drop interface, the administrator builds a process diagram which outlines a series of “if” statements. E.g. If “yes”, email customer and move to next step, if “no” personalise banner and do not move customer to next step. Marketing Automation allows you to own the experience and have full control over the user journey. It allows you to pick up right where you left off, regardless of which device the user has switched to, increasing customer engagement and driving sales whilst lowering the workload on the Marketing Department.
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