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Print Experience Manager

3chillies are Sitecore Gold Partners who specialise in developing and implementing high performing websites and content management systems.

The following section provides more information on the Print Manager functionality within Sitecore. After reading this section, we encourage you to learn more about the Sitecore Experience Platform, and the Sitecore Implementation services that 3chillies provide.


Whilst digital resources have become a lot easier to manage over the years, the procedure for creating printed resources has largely remained the same: A laborious, disconnected content replication process. High performing business websites are often subject to numerous content updates from several content editors. When content is updated on the website, printed media falls out of sync with the company’s messaging, and keeping on top of these changes requires a lot of care and attention.


Sitecore’s Print Experience Manager brings the sophistication of content management to the print world. When a Sitecore website is updated, the Print Experience Manager pulls the new information through to industry-standard design tools Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. This allows marketing professionals to seamlessly populate the printed media, whilst the designers add the finishing touches, using the tools they are most familiar with.


Using Sitecore your printed campaigns can now be as personalised as your online marketing campaigns, thus providing a more relevant printed article for each individual customer.

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