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3chillies are Sitecore Gold Partners who specialise in developing and implementing high performing websites and content management systems.

The following section provides more information on the workflow functionality within Sitecore. After reading this section, we encourage you to learn more about the Sitecore Experience Platform, and the Sitecore Implementation services that 3chillies provide.


Large organisations typically hold various teams of people who create and update website content. Whether these teams are located in the same office block or in a completely different country, Sitecore allows you to stay in control of the content using tools such as workflow and security permissions.


Workflow is Sitecore’s “out of the box” quality control management system. Before new content is published to the live site, it will have to pass through various predefined workflow “States”. For example, a website editor might write a blog post and submit it for publishing. The item then automatically enters the next workflow state, which requires management to assess the quality of the work before allowing the content to be published to the live site.


Security permissions give website administrators the ability to block access and set permissions for each website editor. This ensures that important files are kept safe, formatting is kept consistent throughout the site, and confidential data is kept secret.

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