As an industry leading organisation, you’ll need a website with the right level of support behind it to ensure proactive and reactive measures are in place should the worst happen.

As a .NET agency who specialise in developing and supporting Sitecore, Umbraco, and bespoke .NET systems, 3chillies provide support services to many leading organisations, including brands such as Microsoft and GAME.

Our on-boarding process covers all of the important steps between initial discussions and full management of your website. This process driven approach aims to identify and eliminate existing bugs before they develop into large-scale problem areas. It also ensures that the chances of unwelcome surprises are minimised during ongoing support. 

The on-boarding process is comprised of three stages: Audit, Adapt and On-board.


We start by carrying out a detailed audit of your current system. This enables us to identify problem areas which may need immediate attention in order to ensure better system performance and/or streamlined support.

The bugs found in the audit phase range in severity. Minor bugs usually result in regular support tickets being raised, whereas critical bugs present major flaws which could result in system failure or security risks.


In this phase we work with the client to carry out the necessary bug fixes found during the audit phase.


This process generally starts in parallel with the Adapt phase. During this phase, we work with the Client to identify all key staff and create helpdesk logins for them.

Support documents are created for use within our support system. These documents are necessary to effectively support the client on an ongoing basis, and the documentation is updated regularly throughout the duration of support.

This phase may also involve the installation and configuration of additional monitoring systems, if deemed appropriate by both 3chillies and the client.

Having followed these three steps, 3chillies will be in the perfect position to take over the on-going support of your website. We can also discuss upgrade options for systems using older versions of CMS' such as Sitecore and Umbraco, as these upgrades will generally offer additional functionality and enhanced levels of security.

For more information on the on-boarding process, please feel free to download our On-Boarding guide or call us on 01189 314196.

If you are considering a change of Content Management System you might wish to consider our website migration services.
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