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GAME is a British video games retail company. They operate over 300 retail stores in the UK, from which they sell games for all major video game platforms including Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. 

Back in 2013, 3chillies were chosen to create the Windows phone 8 version of the GAME Reward app. It was a great success, winning the Award for best 'Mobile Technology of the Year' at the BT Retail Week Technology Awards!

Recognising the new Windows 10 opportunity, GAME approached 3chillies with the requirement to upgrade the GAME Reward app.

Universal Windows Platform 

The new GAME Reward app is built on the Universal Windows Platform. It is a Continuum compatible app, meaning that a single code-base serves a unified app experience across all windows devices whether it’s being viewed via a phone, tablet, or desktop PC. 

Even if you’re new to the app, you already know how to use it thanks to the intuitive, responsive design which is based on the Windows 10 Tile layout philosophy. Users can move the tiles around, change the font, and select new backgrounds to suit their preferences whilst ensuring the design still conforms to company branding guidelines.



The app’s on-board GPS integration allows users to locate their closest GAME store, and once in store, users can benefit from the free WIFI which is accessible via the app. 


A link to the online store provides a convenient way for customers to make purchases, and a live news feed helps to pull customers back into the app. Push notifications also promote return visits, and they are currently being used for pre-order confirmations, accolade completions, and new game releases! 



Users are offered the opportunity to earn accolades, much like they would for completing certain objectives within a game. Accolades range from placing your first click and collect order to trading in a game for the first time, and each accolade rewards the user with points which are redeemable as a cash discounts on store purchases.  


Scan the case cover of any game to augment reality. An overlay appears on screen with product information, personalised pricing, and game trailers, helping customers make on-the-spot decisions.


Signing in to your personal GAME account is simple, safe and convenient with Social login functionality -The app is accessible via Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter or Steam login credentials.

Streamlining access to in-app functionality makes it more convenient for users to regularly visit the app. An integrated grammar file allows Cortana to recognise and respond to various voice commands, and the file is programmed with the intelligence to understand the many different ways a single command might be spoken.


GAME Reward is an app that is ready for growth. When the next gaming console is released, GAME have the ability to add the new platform information into the app without further coding requirements. Likewise, if GAME wish to publish the app to XBOX One or HoloLens, the app is already fully compliant.

Windows 10 is a rapidly growing yet under-served platform which has already seen over 300 million installations worldwide. The GAME Reward App has approximately 5000 reviews on the Microsoft App store, and currently holds a rating of 4.6 stars.

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