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Sitecore Training - FTFM

Learn how to use Sitecore with our free Fundamental Training For Marketers video tutorials. We're putting together  a new video every other thursday with the aim of helping you understand Sitecore and it's capabilities in greater detail. 

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Training Videos


Learn about the various publishing options available in Sitecore. Make sure that you're not publishing more than you need to...It could save you a bunch of time! 
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Publishing Restrictions

There are a number of reasons you need to know about publishing restrictions...after all, you wouldn't want unfinished work being published to your live site!
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Searching in Sitecore

If your content tree in jam-packed full of content, using the search functionality will help you navigate to the relevant items more efficiently.
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Advanced Search Features

Now that you know how to search in Sitecore, it's time to learn about the advanced search features. There are a few handy tools that make life a lot easier when searching...

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Sitecore Media Library

Before we dive into the process of uploading media assets onto our website, let's get a good understanding of how the media library works!

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Sitecore Media Items

In this video, we look at the different options available to us when uploading, placing and editing media items (such as pictures and word documents) into Sitecore.

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Sitecore Personalisation

In this tutorial, we show you how to set up a simple piece of Website Personalisation... It's one of the main reasons we love Sitecore!

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Sitecore Goals

Track user activity by setting Goals. They'll help with Personalisation, Engagements plans, and reporting back to the board!

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Sitecore EXM

Get familiar with how Sitecore's Email Experience Manager works before we dive into the process of setting up our first Email Campaign together.

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EXM Pt.2 - Creating Contact Lists in Sitecore

In this video, you'll be introduced to the process of creating lists in Sitecore's Email Experience Manager, otherwise known as EXM. You can also build lists in the List Manager. 

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EXM Pt.3 - Selecting a template and adding contacts to your email 

In this video, we continue the process of setting up an email campaign in Sitecore. We describe the different kinds of templates available and take a look at how to add or exclude recipients from the email campaign. 

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EXM Pt.4 - Crafting your message in EXM 

In this video, you'll be introduced to the process of crafting your message within Sitecore's EXM. You'll learn how to add components to existing templates and add text into those components. 

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EXM Pt.5 - Personalise your messaging in EXM

In this video, you'll be introduced to the process of personalisation in EXM. Add tokens, pull in relevant content and preview your message from the eyes of a reader. 

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EXM Pt.6 - A/B Testing Emails in EXM

With A/B testing, you can test and validate your assumptions on a small group of your customers before you send the final email campaign to the rest of your mailing list. Learn how to set up A/ B (multivariate tests) with this tutorial.

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More Content Coming Soon...
We're releasing 1 new training video every other week. 

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